Ideas To Action

Stanford project-based courses provide wonderful environments to develop and test your social entrepreneurial ideas. The classes listed below are subject to change. Please check with your department for credit eligibility.


gsb courses

  • OIT 333/334: Design for Extreme Affordability. Patell. 2-quarter sequence. Winter and Spring.
  • OIT 384/385: Biodesign Innovation: Concept Development and Implementation.  Brinton, Milroy, and Yock.  2-quarter sequence. Winter and Spring. Cross-listed in BIOE, ME, and MED.
  • STRAMGT 313: The New Business Ideas Workshop. Reiss. Winter. STRAMGT 321/322: Create a New Venture: From Idea to Launch. Rohan. 2-quarter sequence. Winter and Spring.
  • STRAMGT 356/366: The Startup Garage. Zenios and Siegelman. 2-quarter sequence. Autumn and Winter. Cross-listed in BIOE, CHEMENG, and SOMGEN.

engineering courses

  • CEE 177X/177S: Design for a Sustainable World. Burke. 2-quarter sequence. Winter and Spring.
  • CS 90SI: Code the Change. Real World projects with nonprofits. S. Cooper. Autumn.
  • EE46: Engineering for Good: Save the World and Have Fun Doing It. Le. Spring.
  • ENGR245: Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Start Ups. Blank. Winter.
  • ME 206A/206B: Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability. Multiple instructors. 2-quarter sequence. Winter and Spring.
  • ME 301: LaunchPad: Design and Launch your Product or Service. Dearing and Klebahn. Spring.
  • ME 377: Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design. Cone, Goel, and Selzer. Autumn.
  • ME 423: D.HEALTH: Design Thinking for Better Health. Multiple instructors. Winter.
  • MS&E 289: Designing for Sustainable Abundance. Dunn and Rothe. Winter.

courses at other schools

  • PSYCH 380: Collaborating with the Future: Launching Large Scale Sustainable Transformations. Banerjee. Spring.
  • PUBLPOL 240: Designing the Way Up: Disruptive Solutions to Poverty in America. Greenberg, Hilton, and Madsen. Winter.
  • URBANST 133: Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory. Edwards and Sher. Autumn and Spring.

Last updated on November 12, 2013. All courses are subject to change. Check with Stanford Explore Courses for the latest information. Consult with your department for credit and degree information.


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