Research Skills

Across all seven schools, Stanford has a valid portfolio of courses relevant to social entrepreneurship.

Project-based courses: where you can work on your social venture idea.

Lecture-based, skills and framework courses: to develop basic skills necessary to launch and grow an organization, or to help with funding a social venture or supporting social entrepreneurship in other ways.

Lecture-based, field overview courses: to get a broader landscape view of a particular domain or approach to social impact


The listed education courses covers basic skills useful in needs-assessment, market requirements, measurements of social impact, etc.


course & name


skills for social impact

context & process of change

Approaching Research and the Community (URBANST 123)

Winter, Spring

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Community Matters: Research and Service with Community Organization (CSRE 146)


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Practical Approaches to Global Health Research (MED 226/ IPS 290)


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The Data Impact Lab (ENGR 350)

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer


Community-based Research As Tool for Social Change: Discourses of Equity in Communities & Classrooms (AFRICAAM 130, CSRE 130, EDUC 322) (EDUC 123 / EDUC 322)


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Last updated on September 23, 2014. All courses are subject to change. Check with Stanford Explore Courses for the latest information. Consult with your department for credit and degree information.