Social e-Finance

Across all seven schools, Stanford has a valid portfolio of courses relevant to social entrepreneurship.

Project-based courses: where you can work on your social venture idea.

Lecture-based, skills and framework courses: to develop basic skills necessary to launch and grow an organization, or to help with funding a social venture or supporting social entrepreneurship in other ways.

Lecture-based, field overview courses: to get a broader landscape view of a particular domain or approach to social impact


The listed social e-finance courses include topics related to funding social impact or skills around finances for a social venture.


course & name


skills for social impact

context & process of change

Funding Social Impact: Methods and Measurement (GSBGEN 512)


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Impact Investing: Strategies and Tools (GSBGEN 507)



Last updated on September 23, 2014. All courses are subject to change. Check with Stanford Explore Courses for the latest information. Consult with your department for credit and degree information.