Ritu Narayan

Improving the Lives of Working Women Through Technology

Ritu Narayan, a 2014 MSx Fellow at the GSB, knows what it is like to be a high-powered, working woman. Prior to her time at Stanford, Narayan worked for 15 years at eBay, Yahoo!, Oracle, and IBM. However, she is also acutely aware of the societal strains that keep women from pursuing rigorous and demanding careers. Trained in computer science, Narayan would now like to focus her efforts on improving the lives of busy, working women through technology. Narayan is currently creating an online marketplace that will have the scale of eBay and the trust of LinkedIn to provide high quality services and products for working women.

Narayan envisions that this online marketplace will build a community of working women to connect them to trustworthy resources. As Narayan explains, “In spite of her talent, a working woman has to either constantly face a guilt of not doing enough, or has to scale back [her] career due to barriers in the quality of accessible services. ” Narayan would like to ease this challenge by providing working women with a safety net. For example, she envisions that this online marketplace will provide the resources to find a reliable babysitter, a way to shop for groceries, and a trustworthy transportation service for children.

Currently in the beginning stages of this project, Narayan hopes to find people who support her vision and would like to partner with her team. She intends to be in contact with potential organizations who would eventually like to provide Narayan’s services as a benefit to their employees in order to encourage more women to enter and remain within the professional workplace.