Meghan Shea

Minds (to) Matter

Freshman Meghan Shea started conducting research on alternative water purification systems when she was just 13 years old. She hit a breakthrough when she discovered the important properties of the Moringa Oleifera seed, which could help to create an easy-to-make purification system.

During high school, Meghan realized how fortunate she had been to have the opportunity to work in a scientific research setting at such a young age. Now Meghan is in the initial ideation steps of creating what she hopes will give other students a similar opportunity. She calls this program Minds (to) Matter.

She envisions a mentorship program by which members of the scientific community connect elementary school children to research opportunities. Meghan hopes that through this program young students will learn, as she did, how important and exciting science can be.

This idea won her the “Challenge for Change” Microsoft Competition, and she was funded to travel to Kenya where she explored the potential of this initiative. She is now looking to connect with a wider range of people. Specifically, Meghan is interested in collaborating with members of the scientific community, either students or professors, who have an interest in science education.