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Where are you on the Path to Launch?

Walk through the four core stages social entrepreneurs need to complete.

Path to Launch

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Starting the Social Entrepreneur’s Journey

If you’re thinking about founding a venture for social good, here you can explore some essential steps in the planning process and learn what to expect as you begin.

Looking at the broader scope of what you need to do can give you an understanding of the work ahead and help you prioritize. It can also help identify areas where you want to focus more or less time given your own experience and background.

We’ve identified four core stages to complete before launching a social venture at scale. These stages are closely linked. From the first day of researching until the final days of operating, social entrepreneurs regularly return to earlier stages as they innovate, iterate, and improve their solution.

The Path to Launch

1 Explore the Problem
2 Design for the Need
3 Develop Business and Impact Models
4 Build Foundations for Growth

Review the summary of each stage, the key focus areas, and the key questions to answer before moving on. What are you missing on the path to launch?

Stage 1: Explore the Problem

Stage 2: Design for the Need

Stage 3: Develop Business and Impact Models

Stage 4: Build Foundations for Growth