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Learn during your own time with some of the visionaries of the field of social entrepreneurship. Discover the journey of some amazing social entrepreneurs who share their success and issues they ran into along the way.


Stanford offers speakers series, traditional lectures and interdisciplinary project-based courses to introduce interested students to all aspects of the field of social entrepreneurship. Topics range from funding, to entrepreneurship, to governance, policy, and more. Hands-on courses offer ways to ideate and move from ideas to real world action.


Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award winning magazine covering cross-sector global issues. SSIR articles are written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors. Discover their opinions on social entrepreneurship through select articles.

Cases & Papers

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field. Practitioners and academics are actively exploring what works and what doesn't. They share what they learn in cases, papers, and studies.